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The rumor that Jensen Ackles covered an Adam Lambert song has been DEBUNKED.

This rumor originates from various youtube videos claiming that Jensen performed a cover of “Runnin” by Adam Lambert.  The earliest example appears to be this version uploaded by youtube user Sovocraine on January 22nd, 2013.

However, this has since been addressed by Clif Kosterman, Jensen and Jared’s bodyguard, in this tweet:



We consider Clif a reliable source on this matter. (As ever, please feel free to contact us if we missed anything!)


  • The supposed cover appears to be the original version of “Runnin” slowed down in order to make the pitch lower, and does not sound like Jensen’s voice
  • You can hear Jensen singing “Angeles” here to compare.

clearing up fake covers

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Just a little reminder that Jensen Ackles can sing…

Jensen Ackles - Runnin’ (Adam Lambert cover)

except that’s not Jensen Ackles’ voice. that’s still Adam Lambert’s voice but someone lowered the pitch using a digital app post production to make it seem like it’s jensen ackles voice. if you compare it to the original track, it is obvious it’s still Adam ‘s voice.the same phrasing the same licks. sorry boo. you tried though. this has been debunked for ages. i can’t believe ppl still fall for it.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sophia Bush. Definitely one of my favorite actresses. This is a post she made

Thank you Google for taking a stand on the right side of history. As the Olympic Charter reads, “The practice of sport is a human right. Every individual must have the possibility of practising sport, without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play.” Russia. We are watching. And the discriminatory practices that your government has made legal will not survive in this world. We will not stand silent in the face of hate. To our #LGBTQ brothers and sisters out there, we stand with you. #LoveIsLove#WithoutDiscriminationOfAnyKind #Olympics#Equality #Sochi ❤️

And when a lot of people were making very rude comments on her photos, this was her response


@clay-—— @hannah-——- how sad your existence must be that you care more about recognition of your religion that you do about the recognition of actual human beings. People. Whose hearts beat blood just like yours. The world is beautiful because it is diverse. Because there are so many religions — that are supposed to teach us to love, not hate — for all of us to study and learn from. So many cultures to open our eyes and teach is about the ways in which we are all so similar, even if we live in dramatically different ways. How small your hearts must be to call acknowledging the human condition “wrong.” And what of your “love thy neighbor” doctrine? You’ve clearly missed the point of it all. Feel free to take your bigotry elsewhere. It’s not welcome on my feed. Not now. Not ever. I believe in #equality. For ALL.

And more


@hannah———— if you are more concerned with Christmas banners on the internet than standing up against the beating and torture of human beings on this earth, I suggest you take a moment to look within your heart. Because it certainly seems like you are judging what’s “valuable.” And what is more valuable than human life? #loveislove - and if you don’t believe that, ask yourself why. And please take your statements of inequality for all elsewhere. #done

she’s an amazing woman. well-rounded, intelligent and a great passionate advocate to her causes.


xtinsj answered to your post “Guys?”

modern day non-canon Cherik Divorce & reunion. I would pls like an angsty Modern AU Divorce fics but w/ a romantic happy ending. TY!

Dear god, I made this one a tad longer than the last. I could really sink my teeth into something like this. Hope it’s what you wanted!


It’s only one night, Charles, I’m sure you can manage,” Raven insisted for the tenth time over the phone. It’s not even like she knew what really happened, no one did. Charles couldn’t bring himself to admit the real reason for the divorce, so everyone assumed it was some big argument or blow out from them finally realising that they were incompatible. It’d been over a year since he’d seen his ex-husband and as much as he wanted to attend his sister’s party, he really didn’t want to see Erik.

“Why did you even invite him?” It sounded petty even as he said it but if there was anyone left in his life he could truly be himself with, it was her.

The silence was filled with her eye-roll that he could practically hear down the line. “You know why. You may have cut him out of your life but we work together. I actually like him when he’s not – y’know – barking orders, being an ass.” 

Charles pinched his nose. “I thought I got you in the divorce.”

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Awww thank you so much for writing this!!

This is giving me all the feels!

I’ve been craving some Modern AU Non-Canon divorce & then reconciliation fics lately and i’m surprised that there are so very few of them in short fics or even in long form fanfics.

so ty for answering my prompt! <3 <3 <3

Runnin (Adam Lambert cover) sung by Jensen Ackles


Jensen Ackles is officially the reason my brain is broken.

NOPE, this song was never covered by Jensen Ackles. this is still Adam Lambert’s voice but someone lowered it and altered the pitch. if you compare this to the original recording, it’s the same voice. the same phrasing, same runs. exact same recording but just lowered.

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